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I will begin my new blog with explaining my painting process.All of my paintings are done from photos I take and I take a lot of photos.  I generally start the process with scouring through my photos,editing them by cropping and sometimes enhancing the colours and tweeking the exposure. I am generally looking for a nice contrast in the light and dark , I like to either work with something that is back lit or has a nice contrast in shadow and light.

Once I have chosen the photo that I would like to work with I will grid off the Photo to asist in my drawing. I like to grid on tracing paper the size of my  canvas and draw the picture on the tracing paper,that way I dont have to deal with grid lines on my canvas later.

 Next I give the canvas an undercoat of colour with acrylic wash (  for either my acrylic and paintings). The wash colour variesdepending on the painting but what I look for is usally a medium value of one of the dominant colours in the painting. this help I in the painting when I begin to establish the contrast of value between my lights and darks.... I can make sure that my light values are lighter than the medium value and my dark values are darker than the medium value.

 After the under coat wash is dry , I transfer the drawing onto the canvas either with chalk or graphite paper.

Now painting begins.I like to work with nice relaxing music and like to be all alone in my studio,at least that is how I am most productive.I will generally start on the main subject and paint the background afterwards. I begin by painting the darker values first,then medium and last lights.Filling in all areas basicly first and then start all over again refining lightening light areas and darkening dark areas.My exact method of painting is slightly different when I am painting in Oils or Acrylics but most of the proceedure are the same just the methods of applying the paint is different.And that I will get into at another time. 

Well for now until we meet again  thanks,  Bev