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I sometime have troubles naming my paintings but I had this one named before I even painted it. I needed inspiration and as I was shopping for dinner it came out of the Blue, or actually out of the floral department.Also it was a refreshing change to work in Blues. Most of my florals are Reds, Yellows and whites and and change in pallet was nice.

I  painted this from a photo I took of a hydrangea I bought a the grocery store. Although I have hundreds of photos of flowers I'm always searching for that winning photo. Its sort of a "the grass is always greener" thing. I was starving for new material and none of my photos were speaking to me, so I picked up one of those Winter Green house Hydrangeas from the grocery store. It was a nice sunny February day and I took it out on my deck and took about 20 pictures.

I painted this in about 3 days of studio work ,which for me is usually from 10 to 6 oclock and then I hang it and study it and pick away at small details. As I haved mentioned before I love to capture the light and the way the light hits this cluster just called to me to paint it . The texture in the petals is accented by the light hitting it. With out the contrast of the shadows the light would not shine though and the shadows have such rich colour and depth.